Forget Omnichannel; Brands and Data are Omnipresent

Much has been said recently about a digitally lead brand. Which is excellent. We need to evolve our thinking from a world where a brand is something that happens to you; to a far more accurate world where a brand is certainly still part of the experience, but is now more of a facilitator of the experience rather than the owner of it.

Brands Need To Be Everywhere You Are

“Omnichannel” is how we have categorised the way in which brands are now having to communicate with their audiences. They need to be continually relevant and always providing context rich and relevant information when and where their audience requires it. No small feat my anyone’s standards.

The experience needs to be seamless whether a visitor is using their tablet; mobile or desktop to interact with the brands website. The experience needs to offer the same brand qualities and the same intrinsic experience.

As you can imagine this is a complex and many faceted problem. Technology needs to meet Brand halfway and an agreement needs to be reached that places the experience of the customer ahead of either internal department.

Data Is Wherever You Are

When brands truly embrace the omnichannel experience; they begin collecting a wealth of information about their audience.

As we interact with brands on a daily basis; we are dropping little breadcrumbs of information about our likes and dislikes; our media consumption habits and everything in between.

Where a lot of brands have potentially gone wrong is to merely ensure a uniform experience and they have not unearthed the data that is there for the taking!

This is not big data; this is not a big data scenario. And don’t get  convinced that this is big data. This is merely understanding the value that your brand can get from understanding the breadcrumbs that are being left by your audience.

This data allows you to get to know your audience on a micro level. You can segment based on the smallest detail and drive engagement to specific individuals; rather demographically relevant masses.

The data layer in brand communication is becoming more and more important and those brand who understand how to (firstly) tap into this data and (second) make sense of it – are really winning the battle in knowing their client!

About Jonno

I am passionate about digital marketing and digital strategy. During the day, Jonathan fulfills the role as Head of Digital Marketing for HKLM. My work at HKLM includes strategy conceptualization, focusing on the alignment of digital marketing to business strategy as well as assisting HKLM's clients on fulfilling their digital objectives. I am also the author of Internet Marketing for Entrepreneurs, a 50 000 word body of work which touches on the subtleties of digital marketing which are often overlooked.