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Use your second chance properly

I’ve always held the view that we all make mistakes, and perfect delivery each time is damn hard. My maxim, however, has been that, when you screw up, how you respond to the mistake or customer’s complaint does matter and may make the difference. If you get a second chance, then use it well in dealing with a complaint or addressing the product or service malfunction. Customer service 101, I guess.... Read On

Crowd funding: a fad or promising business model

By now I think everyone has heard about crowdfunding in some way, shape or form. Typically the first thought is that of KickStarter. The crowd funding platform (CFP) that literally started the category. In just 2014; over 3 300 000 (that’s 3,3 million people) pledged more than half a billion dollars (yip; with a ‘b’)…! That is roughly one thousand dollars every minute last year!... Read On